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Auto Expert Predicts Better Future for Cosmoblaze CREE LED Light Bar and LED Technology

friday, april 17, 2015, 9:00:00 aM

LED light technology has been around for many years. The earliest examples of LEDs can be traced back to the 1960s, when such technology was used as low-intensity infrared light or as a visible indicator light in that era's limited electronic devices. Now, however, LEDs have become a common sight in many applications, particularly Cosmoblaze CREE LED light bar, which is designed for automotive use.

According to Malcolm Hogan, an automotive expert based in the United States, it isn't that unthinkable that LEDs would replace just about every type of conventional lighting devices in our lifetime. Because of the benefits LED lights can provide everyone, the future is indeed looking bright for the LED industry. More technological advancements are expected to be made in the coming years that could lead to the development of better, cheaper, and more reliable heavy duty LED driving lights in the near future.

Hogan also emphasised the importance of LED lighting on motor vehicles. According to him, before, LED lights on cars are prized for their ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a motor vehicle. Now, the use of LEDs is not only for show, but also for safety. When used as a main head light, LED light bars like those offered by Cosmoblaze, provides drivers with better road visibility, minimising the risk of eye fatigue and helping them keep their focus on the road.

Incorporating LED technology in the design of taillights, which is something many car makers are doing these days, also helps reduce the risk of collisions. Hogan explained that the light generated by LEDs can be seen several milliseconds faster than those produced by traditional incandescent light bulbs. In doing so, LEDs are able to warn the driver behind the LED-equipped vehicle just a second quicker, thus helping prevent a potential collision.

"LED use in automobiles only makes sense, considering how they use a fraction of the power required by halogen bulbs," Hogan pointed out, adding that the savings on power usage also means better gas mileage. The auto expert also said that with the unsurpassed efficiency and light output of LED light bars online, the use of fog lights is no longer necessary.

With great expectations for the future of LED technology, now is indeed a great time to leave your traditional driving lights for an offroad CREE LED light bar. Visit us at Cosmoblaze and check out our wide range of premium LED light bars designed and optimised for Australian driving conditions.