Lighten up the dark

The White Cosmoblaze LED light bar is ideal for use at sea or other similar applications. It can be fitted in boats and other marine vehicles.

  • The materials used in manufacturing the device's housing are sourced from Sweden to ensure durability and reliability.
  • It underwent anodizing to make the paint stick easily to the housing.
  • It also underwent dusting to make the material UV-resistant and glossy, ensuring that the paint won't fade easily.
  • The material used in the housing is tough and durable. It is highly resistant against corrosion and salt mist.
  • 50,000+hours average lifespan
  • Dual-oversized heat sink
  • Low power consumption
  • IP68 Rating
  • Military standard breather
  • Unique Durable Mar/UV resistant plating technology
  • Sealed waterproof connector
  • High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature shock, UV, Humidity, Salt Fog, Sand and Dust, Vibration, Altitude, CE&Rohs certification
  • Ideal for touring vehicles, 4x4 Competitions.

Whether you have a penchant for exploring the outback or you make money by transporting supplies and cargo at night time, you'd certainly enjoy having Cosmoblaze's 100W CREE LED light bar. Of course, the focal point of all LED light bars is their ability to produce bright light. The C1R100WTE won't definitely disappoint.

Cosmoblaze WHITE MARINE 20" 100W CREE LED Light Bar Driving 1 row FLOOD SPOT COMBO

  • 9-36V, 20*5W CREE led
  • CREE LED light bulbs that is made from USA
  • Full 100W
  • Flood Spot Combo
  • Raw lumen: 8400 lm
  • Max lumen: 11000 lm
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • 6063 extruded aluminium housing
  • Length: 20inches
  • Operation Temp: -40˚C ~ +150˚C
  • Amperes : 3.90A~4.58A
  • Cast Alloy Leg Mount
  • Wiring kit included