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Cosmoblaze Single Row Series LED Light Bars: Light Output, Safety Features, and More

wed, march 18, 2015 07:50:00 aM

Good lighting devices are a key requirement when driving on bush roads at night. If your current headlights cannot provide you with good light output, your eyes will get tired easily. You'll get more susceptible to eye fatigue, which is a huge no-no because it can place your safety at risk. As such, before going on a night-time adventure on your 4WD, be sure to equip your car with outstanding double or single row series LED light bars.

Cosmoblaze single row LEDs
Today, there is a wide range of auxiliary lighting equipment available for 4WDs and UTEs. But if you want to make sure that you'll get excellent light output and more, be sure to choose lights bars manufactured by Cosmoblaze. Cosmoblaze is one of the most talked-about brands of LEDs today and the lighting devices they offer definitely provide car owners with excellent value for their money. Here's why.


1. Outstanding light output. Light output has always been on one of the key features car owners are looking for in lighting devices. Good thing this area is something Cosmoblaze products can stand and deliver. Each Cosmoblaze 1 row LED light bar is fitted with high power CREE light bulbs for better light output and energy efficiency. They produce a clean mass of white day light that are free from dead spots and artefacts, thus, preventing drivers from suffering from eye fatigue and eye strain.


2. Reverse polarity protection. While choosing a light bar with excellent light output is a must, it is also equally important to check if it has safety features that will ensure the lighting device's longevity. One of the safety features offered by Cosmoblaze light bars is protection from reverse polarity. In case the light bar has been set up in reverse, the lamp won't fail or suddenly explode. This will give you enough time to reinstall the light bar properly.


3. Protection from overheating. Another safety feature offered by these 4x4 LED lights is protection from overheating. Each light bar has dual oversize heat sink and military standard breather. These help disperse the heat generated by the LED light bulbs and prevent the light bar from failing due to excessive heat during operation.


4. Protection from shock and extreme vibrations. Because 4WDs and touring vehicles are subjected to extreme vibrations, it's very important that the light bar you'll choose is shockproof.  This is something Cosmoblaze products excel at. Their 6063 extruded aluminium housing is shockproof and is well-protected against extreme vibrations so even if your 4WD is driven on rocky terrain, the light bar will remain fully functional.

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