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warranty statement

While Cosmoblaze guarantees that all of its products are free from defects, in good working condition, and have utilised quality materials and the highest manufacturing standards, it always endeavours to protect and uphold the rights of consumers as stated in State or Federal legislation. As such, all of the products offered by Cosmoblaze come with a warranty period of five (5) years from the date of the original purchase by the customer as marked on the sales invoice. However, this 5-year warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, alteration, or damage to the product caused by the customer.

In the event the product exhibits major damage or malfunction, the company will provide the customer with a replacement or a refund.

To make a warranty claim, the customer is advised to deliver or send the product at their cost to the original place of purchase or to any other place which may be designated by either Cosmoblaze or the retailer from where the product was bought. The customer must also produce or deliver the original invoice that shows the date and place of purchase, as well as a written explanation of the nature of the warranty claim. These are key requirements in the claims process as they are needed in the warranty assessment.